Hayden Burch


When creating the artwork for this project I wanted to create something different from the typical gospel music covers. For "The Failure is not in God" by The Hiram Glee Club I wanted to focus on creating a landscape that was illustrated by the lyrics of the song. This cover is a collage of images from ten different magazines. Although the lyrics only say “You may sail the rivers through and see what God can do” I wanted to expand on that image of a river and create an abstracted landscape. The artwork for "Sinner Run to Jesus" I chose to focus on the group that sings the songs. This cover art contains a gestural drawing of The Soul Stirrers that I created and place in front of a water colored background. The cover for "Glory Hallelujah" is done in a 1960s style and illustrates the upbeat quality of the song that makes you want to get up and dance.