Joshua Rizzo


Joshua Rizzo is a junior studying for a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design. His album cover designs were sought out to be produced in accordance to the emotion evoked by the songs.

"So Soon" is a song about the artist's longing for her family, who had passed away prior to the time of her recording. The design reflects the long but peaceful journey she would endure to reconnect with her brothers, parents and savior.

"Be Still My Soul" is a classic gospel narrative speaking to the restless human spirit. The cover shows a vast scape of calm waters with a powerful command to the soul being reflected in the water.

"Send My Child" is a song that appeals to the innocent child of a helpless man being brought into a world full of evils and injustice. The little girl on the album cover in gold is shown as the one good thing in front of a dirty city scape, which represents the harsh realities of the world she is bound to encounter.