Rebekah Rabon


Growing up in Colorado, I was always interested in art and music. When it came time to apply to college, I had to make the decision between pursuing design or piano and ultimately chose art. However, music still plays a strong role in my life and working on this project served to bridge the connection between two artistic areas I am passionate about. While working on “Your Good Deeds” by the Dixie Hummingbirds, I was inspired by a lyric describing heaven as a paradise. Tying a hummingbird into the illustrated tropical plants provided a color focal point and hinted towards the name of the group. The illustrations were rendered with prismacolor pencils, providing a contrast with the vectorized type, which interweaves with the picture. Overall, I wanted to portray a clean, modern visual of the emotion expressed in the song regarding heaven.

“God is Going to Get Tired” took a more abstract route, with a multi colored array of brush strokes. The overall color palette is a little muted and toned down, yet still colorful. I felt this represented the mood of the song, which is both foreboding and lively. It may also represent a stain glass window one might see in a church.

For the last song, “The Lord will Provide,” I decided to draw inspiration from the strong presence of the piano in the song. Because this was one of the sleeves representing the time period, I inverted a photograph of a hymnal book resting on a piano to achieve an aged navy color that was nicely accented by the texture of the wood. I wanted to keep this simple and the focus on the piano, so I let the type sit in between the keys and the book.