Veronica Campbell


I am a Junior Studio Art Graphic Design Major. I’m from the Houston area. I’m interested in design because the way that you can communicate to different people through artwork. I also enjoy the research aspect that goes into it; I feel like there is a lot that we can learn more than just what design looks like from this component. For this project the research component was looking at vinyl covers from the era in which the gospel music came from. When looking at inspiration for the cover art, I knew that for one design I wanted to work more with positive and negative shapes in a monochromatic theme.

For this, I wanted to capture the title of “Sit Down and Rest a While;” the lyrics mention resting by a river, so the figure is looking out into the river resting in Jesus. Other illustrations that I liked had more of a sketchy feel with shapes of color to offset the illustration and add more dimension; there were some where the illustration was completely white. I took this idea and instead of making the illustration completely white, it is modeled more in some areas making it stand out from the flatness of everything else.

For the illustration I wanted to find something that represented the title “Be Ready.” For this the inspiration came from Matthew 24:44 “Therefore you also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.” One thing that represent hours or time is a clock. For the last cover we were supposed to have a more modern approach.

Trying to stick with a cleaner more geometric design, I wanted to take the lyrics from the song “He’ll turn your darkness to day” and incorporate elements that represents that. For this the night sky is mixed with clouds; to tie this back to the title “He’s a Wonder,” I believed it would be fitting to put a picture of His wondrous creation. One thing that I believe people can put the feeling of aww and wonder to is mountain, so that is what was used.